Captain Cabbagepatch’s Cursed Crew

See the official NFT collection on OpenSea HERE.

Captain Cabbagepatch and crew were seeking the greatest adventure across the seven seas. They sought passage into the legendary world known to many as the Sea of Plunder. They got wind that a few ships were going to make an attempt to enter, and the Cabbage crew carefully followed a few nautical miles back. Upon reaching the Mist, a mystical gas that protects the Sea of Plunder from the outside world, the crew was unsuccessful in navigating the many rocks hidden in the thick fog. Their galleon, splintered to bits, beached on a small island lost somewhere in the Mist. The crew was forced to live off of the native fruits and vegetables on the island. After partaking of a rare breed of rainbow cabbages, Captain Cabbagepatch and crew were cursed and transformed into animate cabbages. They rebuilt their ship and forced their way through the Mist, into the Sea of Plunder. They seek the plentiful riches there by spreading their curse to unsuspecting pirates intrigued by the unique rainbow cabbages the crew has hidden across the islands of the Sea of Plunder.

The Captain and Crew:

The official collection will launch Feb 7th! With only the Captain, Crew, and first 5 cursed pirates available for a limited time! As the curse spreads, a plethora of pirate cabbages will be found.

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